India vs Pakistan match could be called world’s biggest match. Both the countries have such people who loves cricket to extreme limit.

Virat Kohli is the player who scored 183 runs against Pakistan in a fantastic innings. It was really great cricket played by Virat. He played very sensibly according to the situation and requirement of time. He stroked a boundary where it needed, when the singles are needed, Kohli did that. When a gap is to be found, Kohli is the man. He kept doing all of that for 148 deliveries against Pakistan. By the time he was done, he had hit 23 boundaries and made 183. India had lost Gautam Gambhir off the second ball of the innings. They lost just one more wicket in the next 272. After taking one wicket, Pakistani bowlers suffered a lot for next wicket. Kohli made difficult for them to take wicket. This scene was again repeated in ICC world cup 2015 when Kohli played a magnificent innings of 107 runs against Pakistan.

Virat Kohli is a young, stylish and dashing batsman of Indian cricket and as well as in the cricket of world. In his short career he has achieved many successes. His innings against Pakistan in which he scored 183 on 148 deliveries. It is a great and most wonderful innings from Kohli. It could be called one of the extra ordinary cricket batting innings of the world. Kohli not only made a record in its inning but also sustained his team towards success.

Virat Kohli 183 Runs vs Pakistan

 Kohli has played many stylish and wonderful shots in his innings against traditional rival Pakistan. Kohli plays at third number in his team, his number shows his importance in the team. He is a match winner player and has a value of back-bone in Indian cricket team. In this innings Kohli seems to be very active and stylish. He played with same potential from the beginning to the end of the innings.

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