Cricket, a game watched by almost half of the world’s population is one of the most entertaining and nail-biting sporting encounter. Cricket fans might recognize the term ‘catches win matches‘ — to prove the forte; we present the top 10 most unbelievable catches taken in the history of cricket. This amazing video will remind you of those spectacular athletic moments with a hint of touch and a lot of effort. Here in the following article ”Most Amazing Catch By Virat Kohli” we have an unbelievable video with amazing catch by Virat Kohli. As we know that he is one of the best fielders in cricket world. He is a hard-working player who has earned a good name and fame across the world. Have a look on the following video and watch how difficult catches he has taken.

Even the umpire was confused how it happened. He did not believe whether it was a catch or not and then he consulted to third umpire for further clearance. As usual Virat Kohli has done a great job on fielding side and has taken great catches. He has been wonderful in ever field of his game.

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