IPL Highest Individual Scores

After the arrival of the fastest format of cricket T20 the style of batsmen is totally changed. A rapid changing in strike rates of the players is also noticed after this game of T20. Though players can not stay on the pitch for a long time but the time they stand in the ground, they make a huge runs scores. If we see some years back we will notice that in ODI matches a player could do one hundred hardly, but in present scenario the things are completely changed. In a match of just 20 overs a player can do about 175 runs. It is amazing, isn’t it? In the modern age of science and technology every one is busy no one has time to do extra things. Due to its shortness and fastness T20 cricket is getting fame across the world. IPL is one of the biggest events of T20 cricket. In this game players every year make new records which seems to be unbreakable apparently. The article ”Top 10 IPL Highest Runs Scorers In Single Innings” explores and enlists the highest runs scorers in single game of IPL. Have a look upon the table below and see how much fast if modern cricket. See Who leads the list with what scores?

Top 10 IPL Highest Individual Scores


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