Virat Kohli Centuries Record – Virat Kohli Test & ODI Centuries Record

In present era we see the game of cricket is becoming faster and faster. This rapid in game is due to T20 cricket. In this fast cricket era we see top batsmen who play with great confidence and speed. Virat Kohli the Indian skipper is one of the top best batsmen of current time. He […]

Virat Kohli Awards, Achievements & Records – Virat Kohli Biggest Achievements

As we all know that Virat Kohli is the shining star of cricket world in present era. He is the man with a lot of talent and courage. He has been a great player in his whole career. Now he has taken the responsibilities of Indian national team as a skipper. As a batsman he […]

Virat Kohli 107 Runs Against Pakistan – World Cup 2015

Sixth time in the history of cricket world cup traditional rivals Pakistan and India faced one another in Adelaide stadium Australia, but again Pakistani team could not change the history but Indians maintained their history. In all the history of cricket world cup, Pakistan could never overcome India. But this time Pakistani came with a […]